The Blog is Now Ending :((( But Splinter Cells are Just Beginning XDDD

Thanks all for the groundswell of support these past few days. We received more potential recruits than we have had over the past year. It is honestly kinda cool to see all these white people waking up and taking action.

It looks a little bit like this TBH.

We even got a few roof Koreans and based Japanese who are interested, so we’re gonna have to make some type of group for them so that Asians and Whites can help each other out in mutually beneficial ways.

In return for their aid to us whites in our hour of need, the entire state of California will be given to all cooperative Asian-Americans once the Alt-Right is utterly victorious.

We don’t mind Asians, tbh. They are the only minority that is actually beneficial to America and they make and drive cool cars and motorcycles that sound fucking awesome, so we’re totally keeping them around and working with them on how to tune the sickest fucking shit ever.

I am greatly looking forward to Asian-European mutual world domination, fam.

So this is gonna be my last blog post here for, like, forever, because I gotta focus on writing some other stuff that’s even better for other blogs and stuff like that.

This blog is all just to give you a taste of the deranged minds that are working tirelessly behind the scenes to finally get revenge on Canada (and on Britain, too…although inviting millions of Muslims into your country is actually far worse than any form of revenge I can personally think up) for what they did to the White House in the War of 1812.

Is that Al Qaeda burning down the White House in 1814? No, it's the ...

Canada and Britain: America never forgets and she never forgives.

So anyways yeah the crew is busy vetting the newbies and giving anti-fa wedgies.

lol just kidding. You can’t give anti-fa wedgies because they don’t wear underwear.

The blog is over now but the group is not. We’re just getting started. Oh, and we are starting new groups, too. These new groups will have the same focus and the same high quality, high svenergy bantz and lulz; they will just have different leaders and maintain a fair distance from this mother group for strategic, organizational reasons. Basically, so that if some drugged up anti-fa moles do somehow manage to wake up before noon and infiltrate one of our chapters, they will only be able to mess with a few of us, not all of us, k?

I read that this was smart in a book once, so we’re gonna do it.

Also, this is being done so that we can literally refer to each group as a Splinter Cell.

(Actually, being able to say Splinter Cell often is the only reason that this is being done)

All the lessons, intelligence, and tactics that AltRightMN has will be passed on to each new Splinter Cell.

Each Splinter Cell will start up their own great blogs, too. So be on the lookout for mysterious business cards and flyers scattered all around Minnesota.

It’s kinda like an Easter Egg hunt but instead of candy there is world domination.

And remember kids, stay in school, keep educating people about white genocide and how awesome Civilization is, keep organizing, and, above all, keep lifting bros.,c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1483370119/production/designs/1015906_1.jpg


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