The Fire Rises

Yes, I know, I know, it’s been a while. But I have a really, really, really good excuse, I promise.

AltRightMN has made a very conscious decision to get all our ducks lined up before embarking on Stage 2 of our quest for Total Midwest (and Canadian) Domination, starting with Minnesota.


Stage 2 involves a lot of things, including this blog, which will one day soon overtake and overthrow the pathetic leftist hacks at the City Pages (which is literally so shit-libby that they have to give it away) and the Star Tribune, which will be 100% extinct in 10 years, I promise you that.

In twelve years, I will be hiring former Star Tribune writers as cheap whores only to laugh at them as they strip for me. I won’t even touch them, just throw things at them. And laugh.

The day is coming when the new, rising, Alt-Right and her media will lead Minnesota into strength, order, beauty, health, security, and happiness; but first, we get the great joy of destroying the current lying media and the powers that be.

We wanted to prune out some unsavory types from our ranks while expanding and strengthening AltRightMN. We made damn well sure we had the financial support networks set up to counter-act the effects of any doxxing, intimidation, threats, and harassment by the violent (and often hilariously obese) communist-LARPers. We gathered intel and purged moles from our ranks. We organized sub-groups to specialize in various necessary tasks. We got a few of our members funded and ready to go for an alliance-forging mission in Europe with the rapidly growing nationalist movements there.

The blog was unimportant and frankly useless until we had built the structures and systems that will lead us to victory. I mean, c’mon, it’s a blog, which is like one step up from the Shitty Pages City Pages.

Now Phase 1 is complete. Our networks, tasks, and goals are now basically fully set up. Our base is secure and in order. Within this group, we now have job opportunities, places to rent, mechanics, farm-land, gardens, and we even have a professional barber on board to make sure we get the fashiest of fashy haircuts.

Image result for fashy haircut

Beauty, like truth, is universal.

We know more than we honestly care to know about every single one of the local and regional leftist activists and their organizations. I mean, really, these guys (REEEEE did I just assume GENDER!?!?!) are a bunch of whiny losers who are unsurprisingly single.


We’ve got a Deportation Hotline and Intelligence Team set up to report and deport the illegal Mexicans back to Mexico where they belong. So far, a few hundred have been returned to sender, and the number is increasing, thankfully.

We were new to this whole “activist” game; we made some mistakes, but we’re getting better. Honestly, now that I think about it, we all just wanted to be left alone to live our lives the best we could and raise our families the best we can. Activism was the furthest thing from our minds.

All we ever wanted to do is learn welding, to get our masters degrees, to take our girlfriends and wives and children to concerts and cruises and restaurants, to hike, skydive, fish, hunt, and go mudding, to travel the world, to learn new languages, to breed pure-bred dogs, and to grow vast organic gardens and raise cattle in peace.

These things are our true loves. And we still love them.

But the leftists wouldn’t stop. They fucked with our true loves.

The left collapsed the middle and lower classes and the American standard of living by importing tens of millions of third-world wage-slaves to lower wages in order to benefit the global corporations and big banks. Millions of racially and culturally-incompatible welfare leeches and hate-filled, homo-slaying Muslims poured in, breeding like rabbits while drawing money from bankrupt welfare systems that they never paid into.

The left filled the internet and media with pornography and lies and distractions. They filled the schools with communist indoctrination and self-hating, anti-white, anti-Christ, anti-American propaganda.

The left shoved homosexuality down our throats, flying their rectum-tearing poop-sex rainbow flags to celebrate the colorful diversity of STDs that homosexuals trade with each other like young boys with baseball cards. At least I think that’s what the flags stand for.

Behold the cornucopia of sexually transmitted diseases that homosexuals spread! HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, & Syphilis. Wow, that sure is something to be proud of! My rich college professor told me (for $150 an hour of student debt) that America sure needs more STDs being spread around as rapidly as possible!!!

The left corrupted many of America’s young and beautiful women into the stereotypical pink-haired, uptight, judgmental, whiny, feminist, TATTOOED & OVERWEIGHT™ STD-infested entitled whores that we are all so familiar with…and so very tired of.

The left corrupted many of America’s young and strong men into the stereotypical video-gamer porn-and-sex-addict-man-whores who do nothing but drink and do drugs as their ancestor’s glorious and noble nation is being given away to third world welfare-leeches who hate white people and can’t even do civilization.

The left fucked with our true loves. And we hate them for that. We really do.

And now we are going to brutally and efficiently fuck the left.

We will love every single second of it as we see their empire of lies collapse into ash. The left will cry as the child-raping, disease spreading cult of homosexuality is outlawed. The left will cry as pornography is eliminated. They will cry when abortion is outlawed and they can’t slut around without consequences. The left will cry as beautiful art emerges and replaces their disgusting post-modern shit-smears with idealized and meaningful images of power and strength and sanity and order. The left will cry when deportation buses are running around the clock to send Mexicans back to Mexico where they belong.

The left will continue to cry and we will continue to win.

Because we will never forget nor forgive what the left did when they had power; they revealed their true nature as insane and anti-human totalitarian psychopaths who will sue you into poverty and death if you don’t bake a cake for a homosexual imitation wedding. We will never forget that America and the world are at stake in this battle against the baby-killing, sex-obsessed, drug-addicted, lie-drenched LOSER LEFT.,204,203,200_.jpg

Doesn’t this bitch just radiate tolerance and acceptance??????

And we are going to win. Momentum and truth and justice are on our side. Nature and Nature’s God are on our side.

And we are winning and growing and beginning to wrest control of these Twin Cities from the leftist infestation. AltRightMN is four times larger than we were six months ago and we will be four times larger than we are now six months from now.

The AltRight will continue to grow until we have totally won. Critical mass has been reached and the leftists are powerless now as they fight against the arc of history as it bends towards truth and justice and reason.

The left is losing and we are winning.

And it feels good, man.

And now we’re ready for open recruitment, organizing, educating others, and activism. We want you to join with us. Our security is much, much stronger. We’re ready for this fight and we won’t back down. We have resources that will teach you what your leftist professors and the lying television media didn’t tell you about. And we have tactics of activism that are impossible for the leftists to defeat.

Basically, we’ve vaulted over the learning curve and we are ready to vault into total victory.

Join us and fight!

There is no honor or sanity found in inaction. Eventually, there will be no safe suburb, farm, or cabin anywhere for your children and grandchildren to run to. The Hispanics and Muslims and Black Lives Matter rioters and their leftist loser “allies” will just keep spreading like cancer until we rise up against them and totally defeat them.

Taxes will just go higher and higher to pay for the lazy and the leech, the corrupt and the corrupting. And then your children and grandchildren will be a slave to a totalitarian neo-communist government that will absolutely own them. This is what will happen if we do nothing. If you do not fight the left with every fiber of your being, George Washington will personally stand outside of heaven’s gates and, when you die, he will kick your coward unpatriotic ass down to hell.

If you do not fight the left, this is the last thing your eternal soul will see.

But this isn’t going to happen. Because we are going to fight back and we are going to win. For our nation, for our people, and for our descendants we will struggle and suffer and fight and win!


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