Alt Right MN

AltRight MN at the March4Trump!

Sorry for the late post – it’s been a busy month for Alt Right MN!

Several members of our team attended the March4Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul. Red-blooded American patriots came from all over the state to enjoy our rights of free speech and assembly.

Unfortunately, the local leftists, losers, and ‘antifa’ didn’t feel the same way! They came into the state capitol with noisemakers, horns, whistles and chants in an attempt to drown out the scheduled speakers. Eventually they formed ranks on the stair inside, facing off against the indignant Trump supporters. It was then that some leftwing loser decided to spray the innocent Trump supporters with mace, and a fight broke out. Another leftwing loser pulled out a Taser. Seen in the video below:

PS, look for our Pepe the Frog sign in the crowd.

Later, some of these protesters were arrested- and one was found to be no other than the son of Crooked Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine!

Kaine’s son is still awaiting trial as of this date. More details as they arise!