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AltRight MN response to violent leftist attack at Minneapolis Institute of Art

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Before this incident, we had heard of media and news organizations fabricating stories about Trump supporters, but never thought this could happen to us. We never thought that our own support for Trump would put us personally in danger while the media fabricated stories to slur us. Over the course of 2016, our support for Trump left us feeling isolated from many of our liberal friends, but we were able to make new bonds of shared ideals within this exciting new movement of the Alt-Right. However, never did we suspect that we would be violently targeted for our skin color and political leanings, and then accused of being “Nazis” – a term that now seems to apply to everybody to the right of Stalin.

Our Minneapolis-based group is organized through a private server on an online chat app. Due to a lapse in security and our naivete, a member of the IWW managed to get on our server by pretending to be a Trump supporter. This member learned of our plans to meet at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and alerted the IWW.

We were there only to meet a few new faces and enjoy the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s beautiful collection. However, when we got there, the IWW protesters were waiting. We had no idea that it had anything to do with us until two of our members were attacked upstairs, simply for how they looked. One was brought to the ground and kicked in the face until security intervened. The assaulters left the area and ran down the stairs where they met another Trump supporter who they violently attacked and maced.

One of the assaulters was handcuffed by the police after he was found carrying an illegal knife. The Minneapolis Police Department made no arrests over this affair – why not? Are they supporting the actions of these leftist thugs?

The leftists have since made numerous false statements to the press. The funniest was that we were there to “guard” the art – I guess from them? If that were the case, we succeeded, since despite their unprovoked violent attack in a major art gallery, none of the art pieces were damaged. But honestly, we can thank the work of the MIA security for that as they bravely shielded us from the attack and prevented any damage to the surrounding exhibit. The other widely spread slander is that we were all “neo-Nazis”, the only evidence being the way we “looked” or were dressed.

These are the same violent, anti-democratic, anti-free speech agitators who burnt down Berkeley only a few weeks ago. They are a real threat to order, safety and sanity in this nation and we call upon the new administration and President Trump to take action and defend our citizens!

Regardless of what we looked like, who we support, or what we believe, we were there for purely peaceful and positive reasons, and no part of the thuggish, cowardly attack on our members was warranted. We want to ask the police and local attorney general – why no charges? And we ask the press – why the lies?


Addendum: here are some pics from the Twin Cities IWW FB page:

We can positively identify the man in the center of the first photo, and on the right of the second, as one of our attackers. If anyone has any info on him, please let us know or alert the Minneapolis Police Department!